About Genesee

“Through the generations now,? voices past and present call,
thankful for our spirit’s home?, praising you the Lord of all.”? –Roger K. Powell

Genesee Baptist Church

Genesee Baptist Church welcomes all individuals of all races and ages who desire to understand and grow in Christ.

Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God by:

  • Teaching the religion of Jesus Christ through public worship.
  • Improving the religious atmosphere of the Rochester-area community through preaching of the Gospel, personal evangelism, mission outreach and Christian education.
  • Maintaining an open membership that welcomes believers from diverse backgrounds, ages, and ethnic groups into the fellowship.
  • Addressing the needs of our youth, who are our future and hope for a Christian world.
  • Maintaining the church’s ministry, which is founded on prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and worship to God and service to the community in Christian ways.

Genesee is a warm, loving, and concerned church that offers an informal worship service. We are constantly expanding our ministries and creating new outreach programs to meet the needs and challenges of our members, neighborhood and larger world community. Genesee Baptist Church is an active member of the American Baptist Churches of the Rochester/Genesee Region and welcomes the involvement of all members and community partners in its ministries and outreach programs.