Staff & Officers

Genesee Baptist Church's ministers, staff, officers, and trustees are dedicated to serving the church, its members and the Rochester community.

Ministerial Staff

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Rev. Dr. Vera E. Miller, Senior Pastor

Rev. Lois Golbourne, Pastoral Care

             Min. Joyce Newton

Church Staff

Elizabeth Eng, Administrative Assistant

Audrey White, Church Clerk

Gaston Williams, Custodian

Jimmie Kelly, Financial Secretary

Allan Nisbeth, Assistant Financial Secretary

Toni Phelps, Treasurer

Sherry Imswiler, Treasurer

Sheila Johnson, Treasurer

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons provides unwavering support of the religious operations of the church. Board members are engaged in a host of member-focused activities including assisting with communion preparations, baptisms and visiting the sick and shut in.

_MG_6879-2Standing: Keith Phelps, Verel Rose, Lilleith Nisbeth, Bernadette Snow, Joan Davis, Deloris Hamilton, Gaston Williams

Seated: Sherry Imswiler, Cislyn Mighty, Dorrell Gomes, Ivy Williams, Donna Taylor

Board of Trustees

Genesee Baptist Church’s Board of Trustees ensures that the church’s physical home is well-maintained and welcoming to members and visitors alike.

_MG_6892-2Standing: Liz Eng, Debbie Stamps, Aubrey Bryant, Linford Hamilton, Arthur Johnson

Seated: Arlene Walker-Steed, Toni Phelps (co-chair), Margaret Montgomery

(Not pictured: William Scott, David Scott (co-chair), Geneva Killings

 Board of Christian Education

The Genesee Baptist Church Board of Christian Education establishes and executes the curriculum for the church’s Bible study and Sunday School programs.


Standing: Marcella Carr, Robert Snow,  Ruth Scott, Christina Molinero

Seated: Carol Owens (co-chair), Gayle Conklin, Mary O'Neal (co-chair)