Weekly Announcements Sunday, April 15, 2018

WELCOME! We extend a cordial welcome to all who are visiting with us this morning. We hope you will find both inspiring worship and a warm welcome at Genesee Baptist Church.

CHRISTIAN COMMITMENT: If you wish to accept the Lord as your personal savior, renew your commitment to Jesus Christ or become a member of Genesee Baptist Church, there are two ways you may do so. You may join the pastor during the Hymn of Invitation, or you may speak with one of the pastors at the close of the service. Pastor’s classes for those interested in church membership are held on the Tuesday after the second Sunday of each month or upon special request. Call or email the church office if you plan to attend.

PRAYER REQUESTS: During the Offering, please place prayer requests in the white basket rather than in the offering plates.

CONTINUING PRAYER LIST: Cecil Rose, Crystal Scott, Ted Imswiler, Lynda Kinsolving, Bill Scott, Fred Fowler, Princess Santos, Pastor Miller

WED. EVENING BIBLY STUDY is at 6pm in Pastor’s study. Scripture this week is: Follow Me: John 21: 15-25

ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN THE ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL Sunday mornings 8-8:45 am, led by Minister Joyce Newton. The group meets in the conference room in the lower level.

COPIES OF: “The Secret Place” are available on the credenza for a small donation.

WEEKLY FINANCIAL REPORT: Weekly budget 2018: $2716    04/08/18: $1846

Clothes Closet is CLOSED TEMPORARILY until further NOTICE

Reminder: If you want to reach the church office via email be sure to use geneseebaptistoffice@gmail.com and be sure to add this to your contacts list.



GBC MEN’S MINISTRY WILL MEET Sunday, April 22, 2018 after morning worship.

April 22nd GBC MEMBERS WILL BE caravanning to SUNY Geneseo to support Nicholette Ferguson in her choreographic debut as faculty in the Dept. of Theatre and Dance at SUNY Geneseo with the Geneseo Dance Ensemble in 50 Live: Dancing Past to Present.

PLEASE JOIN IN CELEBRATING THE GRADUATION of Steven G. Wilson, Sr on May 12, 2018 at 2 pm at Genesee Baptist Church.

TO ALL PARENTS OF GBC CHILDREN AND YOUTH:  Please let us know if your young person plays any musical instrument (and / or sings).  The Board of Christian Education joyfully welcomes our children and youth to share their musical / vocal gifts, talents and skills on Children’s Day [Sunday, June 10th].  Kindly contact Mary Tisdale-O’Neal and Carol Elizabeth Owens].