Weekly Announcements Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

WELCOME! We extend a cordial welcome to all who are visiting with us this morning. We hope you will find both inspiring worship and a warm welcome at Genesee Baptist Church.

CHRISTIAN COMMITMENT: If you wish to accept the Lord as your personal savior, renew your commitment to Jesus Christ or become a member of Genesee Baptist Church, there are two ways you may do so. You may join the pastor during the Hymn of Invitation, or you may speak with one of the pastors at the close of the service. Pastor’s classes for those interested in church membership are held on the Tuesday after the second Sunday of each month or upon special request. Call or email the church office if you plan to attend.

PRAYER REQUESTS: During the Offering, please place prayer requests in the white basket rather than in the offering plates.

CONTINUING PRAYER LIST: Cecil Rose, Erline Warren, Crystal Scott, Ted Imswiler, Lynda Kinsolving, Margaret Montgomery, Bill Scott, Fred Fowler, Princess Santos

WED. EVENING BIBLY STUDY meets at 6pm in Pastor’s study.  The scripture for this week is: Mediator of the  New Covenant – Hebrews 12:14-15, 18-29

COPIES OF: “The Secret Place” are available on the credenza for a small donation.


Weekly budget 2017: $2716

Clothes Closet is NOW open! every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month from 12-2pm.

SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS:  Board of Christian Education is in need of Sunday school teachers.  If you are willing to teach at least one Sunday a month please see Carol Owens or Mary O’Neal.

Reminder: If you want to reach the church office via email be sure to use geneseebaptistoffice@gmail.com and be sure to add this to your contacts list.


Roof repairs are underway Please be aware and pay attention as you walk around the outside of the church.

Any member wishing to donate items to the church, please contact the church office by e-mail (geneseebaptistoffice@gmail.com) or phone (585-436-7250) to let the church know what you would like to give away, so that interested members can arrange for the items to be picked up or delivered.  Please do not drop off any items at the church. Any items donated that are intended for church use, and accepted for church use,  will be the property of the church and used or disposed of as deemed appropriate by the church without further notice.”

2018 Pledge Cards are available on the credenza. Please return completed Pledge Cards to Allan Nisbeth before December 10th.

PLEASE TURN IN YOUR DONATION IN CELEBRATION OF GENESEE BAPTIST CHURCH’S 146th ANNIVERSARY ASAP Please turn in your donations of $146 for the anniversary. If you are submitting a check, be sure to indicate 146th Anniv. in the memo line.

Prayers of sympathy for Rev. Karyn Carter & family on the passing of her father Nov. 24.

Men’s Ministry will meet BRIEFLY today immediately after service, in the fellowship hall.