Weekly Bulletin Sunday, June 17, 2018


Father’s Day

Genesee Baptist Church

June 17, 2018                                                                     9:00 A.M.


MUSICAL PRELUDE                                        Min. Deborah Cox


RINGING OF THE BELL                                                    Nevaeh

CALL TO PRAISE       “I Thank You Jesus”

I thank you Jesus (2X)

I thank you Jesus I thank you Lord

Lord you brought me from a mighty a mighty long way (repeat)

(you’ve been my mother, you’ve been my father,

you’ve been my sister, my brother too)


Leader: God of our Fathers and Creator of us all, we treasure our Christian fathers who are guardians of your creation. They have endeavored to be models of faith, freedom and strength for our families.

People: God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we thank you for our fathers and for the care they have given your creation.

Leader: As the Father of Jesus, you, God, are the model of perfect love and nurture. We will ever look to your for guidance and direction. We celebrate Jeseph, Jesus’ earthly father, who assumed unexpected responsibilities with grace and dedication.

People: Abba Father, Great Teacher, instruct our fathers in the ways of perfect love.

Leader: We mourn the many fathers lost in the Middle Passage, and those who were ripped away from their families during slavery. We vow to continue the process of reconciling black families, binding them together in love.

People: O Great Physician, teach us how to mend the family ties that have been severed.

Leader: We remember the weathered hands and gentle spirits of our own fathers. With proud yet humble hearts, they were cast down but not destroyed.

People: In the name of the fathers who have loved and raised us, we give thanks.

Leader: Our fathers have been warrior kings, leaders of nations and pillars of faith in church and society.

People: Strengthen their minds, bodies and spirits so that they may faithfully serve you. Help today’s fathers, O God, to become wiser managers of their households.

Leader: Black fathers have distinguished themselves in every profession, at home and abroad. They have taught us strength in adversity and have led us in work and at play, in sports, in fishing, in building and trades.

People: Faith of our fathers, living still in spite of dungeon, fire and sword. Faith of our fathers, holy faith. We will be true to you till death!”


*PROCESSIONAL HYMN       “Guide My Feet”               (insert)


*INVOCATION (In Unison) Almighty God, father of all mercies, we come before you in praise and thanksgiving. We thank you for the love you have shown us, and we praise you for the strength you have given us. In a time when so many fathers are absent, teach all of us to cherish our role as fathers, parents and guardians. Give all fathers the strength to comfort and encourage, the courage to build character and inspire our children, and the wisdom to teach morality and decency. Bestow on all fathers the mantle of love, faith, and holiness, that they may lead others to truly know you. Amen.

*GLORIA PATRI                                                                     # 623

SCRIPTURE LESSON                                     Deuteronomy 6: 6-9

Corinthians 13: 1-13

MINISTRY OF MUSIC                                               Men’s  Choir

PRESENTATION OF TITHES AND OFFERINGS            Seniors              Music


*Doxology                                                                           # 625

*Prayer of Dedication


The Lesson

Children’s Offering


*MORNING HYMN           “Faith of Our Fathers”             # 279



HYMN OF MEDITATION       “We Appreciate You”

Heavenly Father we appreciate you (2X)

We love you adore you we bow down before you

Heavenly Father we appreciate you


SERMON    “Praising, Recognizing and Encouraging Fathers”

James E. Dorsey

HYMN OF INVITATION      “Your Grace and Mercy”      (below)


*CHORAL RESPONSE                “God Be with You”          # 602

*RINGING OF THE BELL                                                     Ifrayi


*Please stand if you are able.     ** Ushers will seat latecomers.


Hymn of Invitation

Your Grace & Mercy

Your grace and mercy brought me through,

I’m living this moment because of you.

I want to thank you, and praise you, too,

Your grace and mercy brought me through.

Thank you for saving a sinner like me,

To tell the world that salvation is free.

There were times when I didn’t do right,

But you watched over me both day and night.