Weekly Bulletin Sunday, October 14, 2018


Genesee Baptist Church

American Baptist Men’s Sunday

“Please silence your cell phones”

October 14, 2018                                                                9:00 A.M.


MUSICAL PRELUDE                                 Minister Deborah Cox


CELEBRATIONS AND CONCERNS                Linford Hamilton



RINGING OF THE BELL                                           Joe McElrath

CALL TO PRAISE    “Rise Up O Church (Men) of God”       #293


CALL TO WORSHIP            Bramwell Warren and Micah Fowler

Leader:  Our eyes are the eyes which Jesus shows compassion

on this world.

People:  Our eyes are the eyes of Jesus.

Leader:  Our feet are the feet which Jesus walks to do good.

People:  Our feet are the feet of Jesus,

Leader:  Our hands are the hands which Jesus blesses this world.

People:  Our hands are the hands of Jesus.

All:  Our eyes, our feet, and our hands will do for the least of this world as Jesus does for this world.  Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen.


*PROCESSIONAL HYMN       “God of Our Fathers”          #573


*INVOCATION                                                               Fred Fowler

(In Unison)       O Lord our God, we ask You to use our eyes, hands and feet for Your glory.  Lord, help us to be conscious of the needs of the least in this world.  Help us to renew our daily walk with the power and presence of God for our neighbors and strangers.  We pray in the righteous name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.


*GLORIA PATRI                                                                     # 623


SCRIPTURE LESSON                                              Aiden Warren

Matthew 25: 31-40


MINISTRY OF MUSIC                                               Men’s Choir

PRESENTATION OF TITHES AND OFFERINGS   James Kelly              Music            Men’s Choir               Offertory                                                                             Men

*Doxology                                                                            #625

*Prayer of Dedication


TIME FOR YOUTH                                                    James Dorsey

The Lesson

Children’s Offering




*MORNING HYMN             “Onward, Christian Soldiers       #479


PRAYER REQUESTS                                       Hubert Patterson




INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER                                   Bill Scott


HYMN OF MEDITATION     “We’re Marching to Zion”       #555


SPEAKER                                                      Mr. Garland Sweeney


HYMN OF INVITATION        “Come to Jesus        back of bulletin




*CHORAL RESPONSE           “God Be With You”               #602 


*RINGING OF THE BELL                                         Joe McElrath


*Please stand if you are able.     ** Ushers will seat latecomers.


Genesee Baptist Church, 149 Brooks Avenue, Rochester, NY  14619    436-7250

Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Vera E. Miller                                                            377-2681

Supporting Ministers: Rev. Lois Golbourne, Rev. Angel Sullivan, Rev. Karyn

Carter, Rev. Lucille Kelley, Minister Joyce Newton, Minister Shonda Ford

Student Minister, Rev. Steven Wilson

Minister Deborah Cox, Minister of Music

Gaston Williams, Caretaker                                                                             328-6604

Tarra Hartmann, Church Secretary                                                               436-7250

Church Office Hours: Monday (3-5), Wednesday & Friday (10-2)

Email:  geneseebaptistoffice@gmail.com



“Come to Jesus”

Invitational Hymn

Come to Jesus (3x) just now (2x)

Come to Jesus (2x) just now.

He will save you (3x) just now (2x)

He will save you (2x) just now.

Only trust him (3x) just now (2x)

Only trust him (2x) just now.